Big Medium
Identity Design, Typography, Catalog
Art direction by Shea Little
Big Medium is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting artists and building community through the arts in Austin and across Texas. They provide opportunities for artists to create, exhibit, and discuss their work and connect to an engaged and diverse audience. 

First launched in 2003, the Austin Studio Tour is a free self-guided, citywide, annual celebration of art that takes place over 3 weekends in November. The brief from Big Medium was to develop the theme and design system that serves as the foundation for all visual communications for the Austin Studio Tour for 2021. 
The design applies playful arrangements of geometric shapes to build an abstracted type treatment of “AST2021”, as a shorthand for the title. The geometric shapes are also used as background patterns. The color palette references autumn colors (such as red leaves, marigold flowers, stones, and lichen), since much of the experience is outdoors walking between studios, galleries, and events. 


(Left) thank you cards, (right) map folded
Map front
Map back
Screen printed tote bag
Sign, Danika Ostrowski, 2021
Big Medium Executive Director: Shea Little
Graphic Design: Misa Yamamoto 
Web Development: Christina Moser
Curator and Director of Programming: Coka Treviño
Director of Development: Paloma Mayorga

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