Raspa Magazine
Identity, Magazine Design

Raspa Magazine is a response to the paucity of queer Latino literature readily available to readers. It is a biannual queer literary magazine that focuses on the Latino perspective. Raspa intends to showcase the experience of queer Latino artists, thereby providing a better understanding for ourselves as peers and for those outside of our community. Raspa Magazine was started in Austin, Texas by César Ramos in the fall of 2012. The design of the magazine is simple and sophisticated, avoiding traditional Latino and queer stylistic stereotypes. The magazine branding is meant to reflect a new generation of writers and artists and create a platform for an often ignored or pigeonholed group.

Issue 6
Issue 5
Issue 2 Cover. Photography by Fabian Villa at Essentials Studio.
Issue 2 Title Page. Photography by Fabian Villa at Essentials Studio.
Issue 2 Table of Contents. Photography by Fabian Villa at Essentials Studio.
Issue 2 Inside Spread. Photography by Fabian Villa at Essentials Studio.
Photography by César Ramos.
Business Cards.
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