Little Joe Magazine
Magazine design, Editorial design
Art Direction by Sam Ashby

Little Joe is a magazine published and edited by Sam Ashby about queers and cinema, mostly. Issue six contains an article by Black Venus titled "BloodSister: Leather, Dykes and Sadomasochism", "Born to Raise Hell: An Interview with Roger Earl" by Jonesy, an Artist Commission by Martine Syms, and much more. The 192 page magazine uses mostly hot pink and black ink throughout, with the exception of Martine Syms' contribution using four-color printing on gloss paper, and is offset printed in an edition of 1,000. 

Cover photograph by J.C. Collins, from BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes and Sadomasochism (Michelle Handelmann, 1995). Cover design by Sam Ashby.

From Little Joe:
"Little Joe is a unique forum for the discussion of cinema, sexuality, gender, and queer history. Since launching our first issue in 2010, the publication has become an important place for stimulating dialogues on film, leading the way in the queer analysis of moving images past and present. Each limited-edition issue features essays, in-depth conversations, short stories, comics, commissioned artworks, and archival discoveries."