Mexic-Arte Museum 
Exhibition Design, Art Direction, Branding

Sebastian is a contemporary artist from Chihuahua, Mexico who is recognized internationally for his monumental sculptures. Throughout his artistic career, Sebastián has produced over 180 public artworks in many places around the world, and has participated in several hundred exhibitions in many galleries and museums. Sebastián holds five honorary doctorates for his studies in math, geometry, and science. Sebastián: The Geometry of Space and Time, includes sculptures from his Transformables, Quantics, and Parallel Universes series, some of his works in fashion and jewelry, and examples of his urban artworks. 
Window wrap vinyl cling artwork installed on the facade of Mexic-Arte Museum.
Renderings and elevations
Gallery floor plan
Interpretive Display
Interactive Display
Catalog & Gallery Guide cover
Catalog & Gallery Guide spread
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