Lucy Hayhoe
Exhibition graphics, Graphic design
This exhibition is a collaboration between local LGBTQIA+ communities, artist Lucy Hayhoe, facilitator Georgia Hinton and Birmingham LGBT. This project took as it’s starting point, One in One out, an interactive gay bar installation by Lucy Hayhoe. Inside the miniature bar, visitors experience a night out in 5 minutes, complete with bouncers, cloakroom, a drink at the bar and of course a spin on the dancefloor!  
During a series of workshops participants were invited to dream, design, and realise three new queer spaces of thier own, the only restriction being that it must be for one person at a time and is no larger than a phone booth. Participants were invited to reflect on the spaces that are open to them now in the present, and to re-imagine Birmingham’s queer spaces of the future. This feels relevant at a time when Birmingham’s own gay village is undergoing a period of flux and change, catalysed by the impacts of Covid-19 on the nightlife economy and at a time when a spate of hate crimes has shaken our confidence in what we hope to think of as a 'safe space'. 
The three new artworks presented here celebrate the different experiences of Birmingham's diverse queer communities and the spaces they inhabit and create in the city.
Artist: Lucy Hayhoe
Workshop Facilitator: Georgia Hinton
Carpenter: Rosa Pascual

Presented by Birmingham 2022 Festival and generously supported by Birmingham City council.
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