Chelsea Physic Garden
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For LGBTQ+ History Month 2023, Chelsea Physic Garden and Queer Botany collaborated to look at plants, fungi and lichen through a queer lens. This book was first published in 2023, following the A Dash of Lavender exhibition at Chelsea Physic Garden. This booklet provides information about the plants and people explored in the exhibition. You can use the map inside to locate the plants in the Garden. It also includes a glossary and a section on LGBTQ+ scientists. 
The A5 book is 20 pages long, printed with 3-spot colours on 100% recycled Cyclus Offset paper with FSC Recycled certification, in an edition of 500. It can be purchased at the Chelsea Physic Garden store in London. 
Photography in guide: Fikayo Adebajo and Sixto-Juan Zavala with photo recolouring by Sixto-Juan Zavala

Writing: Sixto-Juan Zavala and Katy Parry

Editing: Nell Jones, Tom Gilliford, Frances Sampayo

Printing: Aldgate Press

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