Illustration, collage, glassware
Photo by Ritzenhoff
German glass manufacturing company, Ritzenhoff, needed illustrations for a line of glassware based around summer time and the apéritif. The Sommerrausch Collection features artwork by Zavala and three other artists on bulbous stem glasses. The brief asked to make two full-color illustrations with a gold application to be printed on the glasses with an additional clear varnish that protects the image. The artwork features digital collages based on botanical ingredients for two specific forms of the aperitif cocktail: vermouth and aperol. 

Apéritifs are dry alcoholic drinks, normally served before a meal, to stimulate the appetite. Both vermouth and aperol include bitter orange as an important ingredient. In both illustrations the orange is front and center in gold. 
The aperol glass includes cinchona, gentian, and rhubarb.
The vermouth glass features white grapes, anise seedpods, chamomile, and cinnamon. 
Photo by Ritzenhoff
Packaging by Ritzenhoff
You can purchase the glasses here.
Senior Product Designer: Ana Vasconcelos
Head of Trend & Design: Romi Bohnberg
Media Design: Theresa Kuhlmann

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