Mexic-Arte Museum
Exhibition Design, Branding, Art Direction 

Now in its 21st year, the Young Latino Artists (YLA) exhibition has historically provided emerging Latina/o artists with professional-level museum experience and exposure. Guest curated by David “Shek” Vega, YLA 21: Amexican@ focuses on Latina/o artists who grew up as part of the Millennial Generation. Art produced by Millennials reflects an inner dialogue that resonates with their Latina/o upbringing, nostalgia, the influence of the digital age, and the current cultural climate in the United States. The '@' symbol in the title replaces the 'a' or 'o' feminine/masculine in the Spanish language. When referring to a group one would traditionally say 'Latino' even if the majority of the group were female, but to counter the patriarchal nature of the language, the usage of the '@' sign has gained popularity (as well as replacing the 'a'/'o' with the genderless 'x'). The '@' also references the symbols common presence in digital media, from emails to Instagram handles. 

“We are Mexican, we are American, we are the creation of Amexican@.”
– David “Shek” Vega, Curator.

Amexican@ logo variations in color, black, white, large, and small.
Color palette.
Over-sized outdoor window wrap vinyl cling artwork for the facade of Mexic-Arte Museum.
Window wrap vinyl cling artwork installed on the facade of Mexic-Arte Museum.
Digital flyers.
Email campaign for the opening reception and upcoming programming. View the actual email here.
Mexic-Arte Museum website home page.
Curator's Tour Facebook event. 
To scale rendering of entrance wall, cut vinyl wall text, paint color applications, and print material.
Bilingual vinyl wall text applied to the entrance wall with printed rack cards and artist information booklet.
Promotional rack card with exhibition information and programming.
The rack card was designed to be inexpensive and easy to print in-house using black laser printing on cut down letter paper.
Branded Instagram photo booth prints for the opening reception. 
Custom buttons using the Amexican@ logo and artwork from the exhibition sold in the Museum store. (Right photo by Krystal Malloy.)
Shirt design sold in the Museum store. 
Opening reception photo by Essentials.
Opening reception photo by Essentials.
Opening reception photo by Essentials.
Opening reception photo of curator, artists, and staff by Krystal Malloy.