Gravelmouth Gallery
Exhibition Design, Art Direction, Illustration
Collaborative work with Essentials for Gravelmouth Gallery's 2nd installment of Amexican@ in San Antonio, Texas. Amexican@ originally opened at the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin,Texas Summer 2016 to record visitors and press. Curated by Shek Vega of Gravelmouth, Amexican@ showcased 10 artists and the Essentials collective all working in various media as a survey documenting the influences on the work of Latino artists growing up in a digital United States.

All photos by Fabian Villa.​​​​​​​
"Gravelmouth now welcomes Essentials in for round 2, as the collective completely takes over the gallery with an installation that features the strengths of each individual artist in a multi layer, multi media energy that only the Essentials collective can capture. Join us ... in an environment of art that has no rules when it comes to art and style, or the art of style"
— Shek Vega, Curator 

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