Mexic-Arte Museum
Exhibition Design, Branding, Art Direction

Obra Gráfica: Selections From the Mexic-Arte Museum Print Collection features the Museum’s growing collection of historical and contemporary prints by Latina/o and Latin American artists with works that encompass a diverse range of techniques and subject matter. Printmaking, defined as the process of creating multiple impressions of an image, is a preferred method for its expediency in circulating information among cultures. The works in Obra Gráfica show the lineage of printmaking from Pre-Columbian to experimental forms in new media.
English and Spanish logo.
Window wrap vinyl cling artwork installed on the facade of Mexic-Arte Museum.
Social media banner.
Entrance wall text installation using over-sized laser prints on bond paper,binder clips, cut vinyl, and paint.
Photo by Anthony Flores
Photo by Anthony Flores.
Photo by Krystal Malloy.
Photo by Krystal Malloy.
Floor plan.
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