Mexic-Arte Museum
Exhibition Design, Environmental Design, Branding, Identity

This exhibition marks the first time that the Museum holds a permanent collection exhibition focused exclusively on its contemporary art collection. The works on display represent the concepts, techniques, and subject matter from the diverse Latino community. Selections from the Contemporary Art Collection features an array of contemporary art, showcasing works by David “Shek” Vega, Adriana Corral, Miguel Aragon, Gil Rocha, and others. The exhibition highlights a variety of media from installations to two-dimensional works.

Photo by Chris Caselli. 
Opening reception photo by Sixto-Juan Zavala.
Gallery Guide cover.
Gallery Guide inside spread. 
Exterior oversized vinyl cling window wrap.
Digital flyer.
Opening reception photo by Virgil Solis. 
Buttons with artwork from the exhibition which visitors can hand-make on site. Opening reception photo by Virgil Solis. 
Photo by Chris Caselli.