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Editorial design, typography, illustration, graphic design
Quaranzine is a collection of work by Essentials Creative, friends, and collaborators made during the covid-19 lockdown. These creatives have come together from the US, the UK, Rwanda, and Japan to contribute art, text, photography, and graphics. The zine includes works of resistance, environmental awareness, frustration, and play. The 5 x 8 inch 16 page publication is risograph printed in a limited edition of 150 by Telepath Design in Austin, Texas in 9 different colors with a gold metallic ink on the cover.
Throughout the making of Essentials Creative Quaranzine the reoccurring themes of resistance and the environment emerged. Inspired by these topics, we looked to the symbols of the fist and the flower. Though they may seem disparate, the delicate flower and the bold fist symbolize our hope for a better future. This is through resistance to systemic racism and colonialism as well as through ecological awareness and empathy towards the non-human. The FlowerFist emblem is applied throughout the zine and produced as a 1.5 inch three-color enamel pin with a gold finish. This pin is a wearable reminder of our strength, fragility, and creativity.
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Contributors: Adrian Armstrong, Steven Casanova, Jane Claire, Angela Fox, Paloma Mayorga, Cynthia Muñoz, Manik Raj Nakra, Dawn Okoro, Fabian Leon Villa, Misa Yamamoto, Sixto-Juan Zavala, and Jasmine Zelaya. 

Featured models: T-Agé Anadi, PIO, Sierra Todd, Shasta Wonder, EVEY ONYX, Nina Hawkins, Nolan Novarro, and Maki Na.

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