Metropolitan State University of Denver 
Workshop, Digital Collage, Typography
Zavala was invited to give a workshop, portfolio review, and lecture at Metropolitan State University of Denver. This is a selection of characters that were products of a digital collage workshop that took place at the University in November 2017. Students had access to source images from vintage botanical, entomological, and mineral illustrations. Zavala talked briefly about his experience in digital collage and demonstrated some tips and techniques for non-destructive image editing, cutting out, collaging, and pattern-making using these complex source images. Each student was assigned their own character and using this technique they built a unique typeface of ornamental letterforms. At the end of the workshop they looked at the body of work and discussed unity and flexibility in the collection of images as a whole.
A - Alex Zezza 
B - Kendell Lee
C - Richard Tu
D - Sarah Lafrinere
E - Chris Walker
F - Raquib Hakeem
G - Emily Merlin
H - Nadienka C
I - Shelby Sheperd
J - Eleeza Palmer
K - Maddi Waneka
L - Julie Thompson
M - Sarah Smith
N - Wade Johnson
O - Taylor Burgess
P - Mary Willett
Q - Lysander Romero
R - Trevor Goldberg
S - Albert Magana
T - Devon Iredale
U - Estevan Ruiz 
V - Joseph Hatfield
W - Unknown
X - Tyler Conwell

Special thanks to Assistant Professor Shawn Meek, MFA at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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