Raspa Magazine
Illustration, Drawing, Illustrated Type

This is the first time I did illustration work for Raspa. I have worked on branding and design for Raspa since issue 1 with a variety of contibuting artists. We had just changed printers and, where past issues used to have full color interior pages, we tried making a magazine with only black and white interior pages. This printing was also challenging in it's limited range of grays, used mostly for text. I decided to work in black ink with pen nib and staff for this reason. Each illustration, with exception of the floral illustrations, were inspired by lines of the poetry within the issue. Each work is an attempt to express specific texts that struck me visually.

You can purchase the issue at RaspaMagazine.com.
Front and back cover
Cover artwork. Flowers and Ribbon, 2013. Pen and ink, brush and ink, digital collage.
Illustration accompanying 'Love Poem for Two Homeboys Eating Chicano Poetry Like Ice' by Joe Jiménez.
Illustration accompanying 'The Mouth of Land' by Joe Jiménez.
Illustration accompanying 'Extractos de Antígona González' by Sara Uribe and translated by John Pluecker.
Illustration accompanying 'Love’s Equation' by Christina Quintana.
Accompanying illustration for 'Untitled 1' by Jamie Berrout.
Unused illustration for 'Untitled 1' by Jamie Berrout.