Viva la Vida Festival & Parade

Mexic-Arte Museum
2015, 2016
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design

The annual Viva la Vida festival is Austin’s largest and longest-running Day of the Dead event, featuring a Grand Parade/Procession, artists and entertainment, an exhibition inside the museum, and educational programs. Attendees enjoy traditional foods, interactive art activities, artist demos, and multidisciplinary performances. The festival and parade has been held for over thirty years. I revised the branding of the event in 2015 and continued the brand application in 2016. I wanted the rebrand to revitalize the identity of the festival as a modern, fun, artistic, and culturally relevant affair that is both forward-looking and friendly.
Bilingual animated logo.
Viva la Vida parade traveling down Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas, 2015. This image was extensively used in the 2016 promotions. 
Photo by Sixto-Juan Zavala.
Video by ZGrafix Productions.
English logo: vertical, horizontal, and monochrome. 
Spanish logo: vertical, horizontal, and monochrome. 
Right window wrap on 5th St. facing windows at Mexic-Arte Museum.
Left window wrap on 5th St. facing windows at Mexic-Arte Museum.
Window wrap on 5th St. facing windows at Mexic-Arte Museum.
Printed promotional rack cards, front and back.
The Calavera Mural Wall is a way that Mexic-Arte Museum allows the community to commemorate loved ones who have passed. Anyone from the community can visit the Museum Store or go online and purchase a spot on the wall which will have the name of the loved one painted under a calavera (skull). I revised the skull logo icon as a stencil that could be airbrushed on the wall in our signature Viva la Vida brand colors.
Final Calavera Mural Wall on the 5th Street facing wall of the Museum. Photo by Mario Villanueva, 2015.
Calavera Mural Wall (detail). Photo by Mario Villanueva, 2015.
Advertisement broken out for various print publications.
Digital ad in
Facebook event banner.
Email campaign. View the email here
Instagram feed covering the event throughout the day and after.
Parade route map.
Parade staging area map.
Festival Map for Public.
Shirt design for staff and volunteers. Photo by Breezy Ritter, 2016.
Parade banner design commemorating the recently deceased famous singer/songwriter Juan Gabriel, El Divo de Juarez. 
Children's Activities area with signage. Photo by Chris Caselli, 2016.
Photo by Chris Caselli, 2016.
Animate GIF composed of various Day of the Dead themed logo icons I have made throughout the years at Mexic-Arte for exhibitions and events. All of the icons were based off of the same template and color palette.
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